Wall Decorating with Pretty Vintage Frames

Wall Decorating with Pretty Vintage Frames – Modern vintage frames style is a trend and popular in home decor today. Many people love to up-cycle, Internet Stores abound and use DIY skills to create their own unique space, and vintage frames are often at the top of their wish list. Repurposing vintage frames is a special category up-Cycling because the frame is generally sturdy and can live more than a lifetime without DIY enthusiasts who need carpentry skills. While Cycling up furnishings may require power tools and gallon paints, the up-cycle of vintage frames is much simpler: all you need is some cleaning and spray paint!

In my folk art studio fiber in Colorado, Nestle and soar, I use vintage frames to showcase my contemporary wall art, and this blend of styles is one great example of how vintage frames add Main-Main and home decorating styles. In the art of making needle are fiber needle images of birds and trees along with other eco-chic imagery.

This kind of green luxury decoration is a combination with up-Cycling, and if you sew, embroider, or blanket, you can also add a vintage frame for your next fiber work of art! It makes sense for me to re-use the wooden frame when I have made a beautiful needle feel of a tree or bird rather than buying a new wooden frame-a great feeling to preserve the resources as I present a modern vintage style to my Nestle and soar customers. If you are ready to up-cycle a vintage frame for your home, here are some tips you need to know.

  • The essential quality of skill: looking for loose or damaged joint frames. Set the frame on a flat surface to make sure it is not misleading. The rear view frame to ensure the hanging mechanism is stable, and if not, can you add a suitable replacement?
  • Know how clean the frame: is the vintage frame adorns in such a way that a good cleaning will ruin it? Do you need to strip the old one over to make it look great in the space you have in mind? The vintage frames I use at Nestle and soar are often gently cleaned, dried, and then painted using four or more light coats of spray paint.
  • If you shop for your vintage frame over the Internet, Does the Seller provide a photo showing the back of the frame? There are some close-up images to let you see the stability of the joints and the surface texture?
  • Online sellers frame several packets of four or more as a group. Buying groups online has their pros and cons.

Many of the frames I use at Nestle and vintage Italian metal frames, and bigger can weigh, which makes shipping expensive! I had a lot of luck going to our indoor antique commission mall where vendors from all over the area shared a large building with individual booths. This allows the hand to carry the heavier frame of my house and I can basically create my own “group” frames from various shopkeepers. Painting some vintage frames of the same color and then displaying them on one wall is a dramatic decorating touch!